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Trent Bowers, Superintendent

photo 1 (3) Today marks a new beginning for Worthington Schools.  It is the first day on the job for our new superintendent, Dr. Trent Bowers.  The transition will be seamless.  Trent was appointed to this position by the Worthington School Board in October after Dr. Tucker’s announcement that he was taking a position with Princeton Schools.  Since then, Trent has been working with the school board, administration, staff, students, families, and community to determine priorities and set the course for the future of Worthington Schools.

photo 2 (6)I’ve known Trent for a long time… since he was an adolescent hanging out in youth group with my brother-in-law.  I didn’t know him well then, or even when he was coaching my oldest in football at McCord, but I have come to know him well as our paths crossed once again when he returned to Worthington as an administrator.  Trent has been amazingly supportive of me on my own journey into administration and continues to provide me with a great “sounding board” when needed.

photo 3 (2)Worthington Schools enters a new era today that may one day be referred to as “The Bowers Years.”  I have no doubt that these years will be remembered as really great years for our district.  Here’s why…  Trent has deep roots in Worthington.  He attended Worthington Hills, Perry Middle School, and is a graduate of Worthington High School.  photo 1 (5)Trent, his wife, and three daughters live in the heart of Worthington and are deeply invested (personally) in the quality of our schools.  He has a clear passion for academic excellence and experiences that will help all children grow into well-rounded adults.  Trent models lifelong learning for the Worthington staff.  He understands and values relationships as the foundation of all that we do for kids.  He knows it is important that school is fun… #ForWorthington.

photo 2 (4)If you haven’t already met Trent, you won’t have to look far for an opportunity to meet him.  He’s everywhere!  And here’s the best part…  You are equally likely to meet him wearing a suit and tie at the WEC or a community meeting as you are covered in mud at the Warrior Run (even in 43 degree weather), flipping pancakes at Pancake Day, or riding a bike through the Gators Bike Park.  This Saturday, you’ll be able to catch him in the Worthington Hills 4th of July parade.  Invested… committed…  passionate.

photo 3 (3)School superintendent…  Worthington Schools…  It’s a tall order.  One thing I know for sure…  You will not find someone more committed to doing what’s best for kids in Worthington than Trent Bowers.  We are in good hands.  Happy first day on the job, Superintendent Bowers!

P.S. If you want to connect with the new superintendent you can follow him on Twitter @TBowers3 or read the district blog, Absolute Excellence.

P.P.S.  You might remember Trent’s acting debut in Granby’s LipDub a few years ago…  You can see it here.


Wellness Week… Edugator Spotlight: Wellness Man

20130414-204120.jpgWellness Man was created out of a collaborative effort of Granby’s wellness team four years ago when the staff was brainstorming ways to share healthy messages to the little gators at Granby.  The Wellness Man character evolved from a Halloween costume and the rest, as they say, is history. Sloth (the hooded, admittedly creepy, villain in the series) encourages children to eat junk food and be inactive.  Naturally, Wellness Man comes to the rescue to defeat Sloth and restore wellness wherever he goes.  Over the years, the videos have addressed wellness issues such as healthy eating, physical activity, and bullying.  The writing team of Tyler Hollinger, Todd Korn, and Rick Armstrong take turns each year creating a new story line and sketching out a basic script.  Much of the dialog is improvised during taping which creates a plethora of bloopers (which are very much a highlight of the Wellness Man DVDs).  A variety of Granby staff is involved during taping and several other “Wellness Team” characters have evolved over the years.

The Duchess of Dairy (Tracy Ruffing), Brock Lee (Todd Korn), and Fruitastic (Tyler Hollinger), joined Wellness Man (who maintains a secret identity) in the cafeteria at lunchtime last Monday.  Since Todd Korn was at a district meeting, I volunteered to be a pitiful understudy for him. We identified children demonstrating healthy eating and rewarded them with Gator Bucks and/or movie premiere passes.  Fortunately, the students were headed out to recess shortly after the visits as nothing stirs up children faster than a giant banana, broccoli, milk maid, and purple-tighted superhero visiting during lunchtime!!  It was a lot of fun, though, and created a great deal of excitement for the movie premiere.


20130414-204113.jpgDespite some minor technical difficulties, the movie premiere was a huge success!  Wellness Man V: What Lies Beneath the Hood (a prequel to the Wellness Man series) told the story of how a very active young student named Steve became The Sloth.  The emergence of Wellness Man from a young, uninvolved student named Wayne McGillicutty answers the question, “Where did it all begin?

20130414-204519.jpgIf you’ve had the pleasure of seeing any of the Wellness Man movies, you know that they are pretty funny.  Particularly if you happen to know any of the actors.  I had heard about these videos and checked some out early in the year.  My first opportunity to watch one of these videos happened to be while I was in the Riverside Hospital waiting room while my father was having open heart surgery in September.  It’s a lengthy surgery and families spend hours praying and worrying about their loved ones in that room.  After a few hours, I decided to pop the Wellness Man DVD into my laptop to watch it with my family.  It was HYSTERICAL!!!  I’m sure the rest of the people in the open heart waiting room thought we were nuts, but we were so grateful for the distraction and an opportunity to break the tension.

Now, those of you who know me well know that it took a great deal of begging and pleading to get me to participate in this year’s episode… NOT!  Actually, I had mentioned fairly early in the year that I really wanted to be a superhero.  I was given the opportunity to play Momma McGillicutty, Wayne’s (aka Wellness Man’s) mother.  Through the magic of modern technology (and my own selfish motivation), I was able to actually take on superhuman powers at the end of the video and officially became a superhero!  It’s doubtful that there will be a run on Momma McGillicutty white terrycloth robes like there has been for Wellness Man capes, but hey…  How many elementary principals have students stopping them in the hallway to ask them to fly?  🙂

20130416-141018.jpgIn addition to the Wellness Man premiere, students had the opportunity to participate in a Wellness Man coloring contest and demonstrate their knowledge of wellness concepts.  Friday night, we had a huge group of intermediate students brave the 45 degree weather, water, and mud at the Worthington Wellness Warrior Run.   TN9A9090As we gear up for state testing, teaching and learning are intense throughout the building.  Wellness Week provided us with an excellent balance of academic rigor, extra-curricular activities, and a TON OF FUN!!!  We are very fortunate at Granby to have a team of Edugators who consistently go the extra mile to make this happen for kids all year long.

This morning, I had the opportunity to ask Sophia, a second grader, what she liked about Wellness Man.  She told me, “He always tries to get kids to do the right thing.  He doesn’t give up on stuff that he tries to do.  And he always helps everyone.”  That’s a pretty great role model for our gators if you ask me!!  It takes a brave man to step into purple tights and make public appearances (three personal appearances this year… a new Granby record), but he’s all about the kids.  The purple tights are here to stay as they are now firmly embedded in Wellness Man’s identity and the Wellness Man song (written and performed by Granby parent, Gene Castelli):  “We have a healthy hero, His name is Wellness Man, He’ll stop Sloth in his tracks, And foil his evil plan.  So give a hand, to the man, dressed in purple tights…  It’s for wellness he fights!!”

We have an amazing wellness team and fine, fine superhero for our Fine, Fine School!  As Wellness Man would say, “Be active!  Eat right!  Live well!”


Worthington Wellness Warrior Run

We are thrilled to have Dr. Bowers participating in our event this year (click on the link below to read his post).  Many Granby staff members are running (we are using that term a bit loosely) the adult mile.  Come on out and join us Friday evening.  It is going to be GREAT FUN at our Fine, Fine School!

Worthington Wellness Warrior Run.