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Trent Bowers, Superintendent

photo 1 (3) Today marks a new beginning for Worthington Schools.  It is the first day on the job for our new superintendent, Dr. Trent Bowers.  The transition will be seamless.  Trent was appointed to this position by the Worthington School Board in October after Dr. Tucker’s announcement that he was taking a position with Princeton Schools.  Since then, Trent has been working with the school board, administration, staff, students, families, and community to determine priorities and set the course for the future of Worthington Schools.

photo 2 (6)I’ve known Trent for a long time… since he was an adolescent hanging out in youth group with my brother-in-law.  I didn’t know him well then, or even when he was coaching my oldest in football at McCord, but I have come to know him well as our paths crossed once again when he returned to Worthington as an administrator.  Trent has been amazingly supportive of me on my own journey into administration and continues to provide me with a great “sounding board” when needed.

photo 3 (2)Worthington Schools enters a new era today that may one day be referred to as “The Bowers Years.”  I have no doubt that these years will be remembered as really great years for our district.  Here’s why…  Trent has deep roots in Worthington.  He attended Worthington Hills, Perry Middle School, and is a graduate of Worthington High School.  photo 1 (5)Trent, his wife, and three daughters live in the heart of Worthington and are deeply invested (personally) in the quality of our schools.  He has a clear passion for academic excellence and experiences that will help all children grow into well-rounded adults.  Trent models lifelong learning for the Worthington staff.  He understands and values relationships as the foundation of all that we do for kids.  He knows it is important that school is fun… #ForWorthington.

photo 2 (4)If you haven’t already met Trent, you won’t have to look far for an opportunity to meet him.  He’s everywhere!  And here’s the best part…  You are equally likely to meet him wearing a suit and tie at the WEC or a community meeting as you are covered in mud at the Warrior Run (even in 43 degree weather), flipping pancakes at Pancake Day, or riding a bike through the Gators Bike Park.  This Saturday, you’ll be able to catch him in the Worthington Hills 4th of July parade.  Invested… committed…  passionate.

photo 3 (3)School superintendent…  Worthington Schools…  It’s a tall order.  One thing I know for sure…  You will not find someone more committed to doing what’s best for kids in Worthington than Trent Bowers.  We are in good hands.  Happy first day on the job, Superintendent Bowers!

P.S. If you want to connect with the new superintendent you can follow him on Twitter @TBowers3 or read the district blog, Absolute Excellence.

P.P.S.  You might remember Trent’s acting debut in Granby’s LipDub a few years ago…  You can see it here.


Administrative “Snow Day”

snow day cartoon

Worthington Schools are closed today. Children are excited to have an extra day of holiday fun (even if it IS too cold to play outside in the snow).  Worthington staff members are happy to work from home in their jammies and have a little extra time to catch up on paperwork and explore some teaching materials and ideas that there is often way too little time for. A few braved the cold and snow to work in their buildings (including multiple edugators @ Granby!). 

Worthington administrators are busy.  Central office administration had the stressful task of determining last evening that Worthington would begin with a two-hour delay this morning and then another very early morning deciding what was SAFE FOR CHILDREN.  Deciding school delays and closings is never easy and a task that I am happy belongs to someone else.  You can read more about how these decisions are made by reading Dr. Bowers’ most recent blog post, Oh the Weather Outside… .

office view

Building administrators (principals, assistant principals, and athletic directors) reported to school as soon as they were able and have been busy posting the school closing to social media outlets, fielding “Are you closed today?” phone calls, checking to make sure the system override for the new door buzzer/unlock system worked to keep our buildings secure, returning emails and phone calls, catching up on paperwork and tasks that are sometimes difficult to get done during busy school days, drinking an extra cup of coffee from the Keurig (or maybe that’s just me) and much more!  It’s very quiet and for someone like me who thrives on personal interactions, a bit lonely.  However, days like these are quite productive and bring renewed organization and appreciation for the hum of a building filled with children and adults actively engaged in the learning process.

The forecast heading into early next week looks to be very snowy and even colder.  It’s too early to know whether or not we’ll have more snow days next week, but it’s never too early to make family plans for how you’ll manage if there are.  Do we want students to be in school learning?  You bet!  But not at the expense of their safety.

Please keep warm and safe this weekend everyone.  And to our hometown Buckeyes, good luck tonight from everyone at our Fine, Fine School and Fine, Fine District!  GO BUCKS!!!!

OHIO Snowmen

It’s Go Time!! OAA Testing Week…

For those of you who follow my blog and Granby Facebook posts, it may seem that we do a lot of “playing” at Granby.  That’s quite true.  Gators definitely know how to have fun!  But make no mistake, Gators WORK very hard, too!  All year long, our Edugators have pushed themselves farther than ever before to align curriculum, implement research-based formative instructional practices, analyze student growth data, provide intervention, and much more!  The Granby staff has a strong, clear commitment to academic growth for ALL students.

Testing Miss MalarkeyThis week, it’s GO TIME!  The big game!  “Show What You Know” week!  Our third through six gators will be taking the OAAs (Ohio Achievement Assessments) to see how much they’ve learned over the past year.  They are ready!!  Their teachers have been giving Common Formative Assessments (CFAs) throughout the year to monitor their skill development and expose them to test question formats.  They’ve learned how to reduce test anxiety through children’s literature and discussion.  In music, they sang a song about testing and were able to identify some strategies to help them be successful.  And the list goes on…

Tune Into Testing!

This week, we will continue the theme that started our school year with our Granby LipDub: “On Fire for Learning!”  “We’re All in This Together!”  Testing week is definitely a team effort requiring “all hands on deck.”  Support staff will provide accommodations for students who need them, office staff will preserve the security of testing materials, all students and staff in the building will maintain an optimal testing environment, and everyone will demonstrate flexibility as the master schedule has been adjusted to accommodate the testing schedule.

As with most mandates in education, there are pros and cons to standardized testing.  Regardless of how we feel about this as individuals, we know that the results of these assessments will provide us with another data point that will help guide instructional decisions next year.  The information we receive will give us some feedback about how well we’ve aligned curriculum, provided differentiated instruction to meet individual needs, and prepared our students for testing situations that they will continue to experience into adulthood.

For more information about OAA testing, you may want to check out Dr. Trent Bowers’ blog post about OAAs here.

We’ve asked our parents to partner with us this week to provide their child with the best chance for testing success by sending them to school well-rested, fed, and on time.  OmeletHam, cheese, and  onion omelets are still known in the Schlaegel house as “proficiency omelets” as they were the breakfast of testing champions for many years.  These were part good nutrition that would stick with them throughout the morning and part mental game… convincing my sons that eating this “proficiency omelet” would help them achieve success on the test.  Before you laugh that off, you should know that all four of them performed well every time!  Self-fulfilling prophecy…  🙂

Going into this week, I am confident that we have done our very best to teach these students the knowledge and skills they need to be successful.  I couldn’t be more proud of the students and staff at Granby for their incredible work ethic all year long.  We have amazing gators and Edugators at Granby that work hard and play hard!  As our students arrive each morning, we will greet them with smiles, hugs, and words of encouragement… nothing new.  They ROCK every day, and every week, ALL YEAR LONG!

It will be a fine, fine testing week in our Fine, Fine School!  GO GATORS!!

Granby Gator Logo

Worthington Wellness Warrior Run

We are thrilled to have Dr. Bowers participating in our event this year (click on the link below to read his post).  Many Granby staff members are running (we are using that term a bit loosely) the adult mile.  Come on out and join us Friday evening.  It is going to be GREAT FUN at our Fine, Fine School!

Worthington Wellness Warrior Run.