Honoring Our Retiring Edugators

Mischelle Stukey, Leslie Ritter, Debbie Gartley, and Cindy Schlarb at their staff retirement party.

We’ve reached the end of another wonderful year at Granby and a truly benchmark year for four of our Edugators.  Today, Granby will say good-bye and “Happy Retirement” to Debbie Gartley, Leslie Ritter, Cindy Schlarb, and Mischelle Stukey.  These amazing ladies have devoted their careers to public education and are leaving an incredible legacy at Granby.

Both Leslie Ritter and Mischelle Stukey opened Granby in 1988.  As “original” staff members, they are keepers of the Granby history and have been instrumental in developing the strong school culture and what it means to be a “Granby Gator.”  In her 27 years at Granby, Leslie has done amazing things with her gators as the only general music teacher Granby has known.  Her students have wonderfully fond memories of the musical productions they participated in and enjoy watching the videos at senior tea each year.  Mischelle Stukey has been a third grade teacher for her entire tenure and has helped to create an amazing collaborative culture with her teammates.

Kindergator Celebration with Mrs. Schlarb

Mrs. Schlarb’s kindergators celebrate her retirement at a picnic.

Debbie Gartley joined the Granby family in just the second year and has taught both special education and regular education at a wide range of grade levels.  Cindy Schlarb arrived on the scene a few years later and has taught kindergarten all but one year when she made a brief visit to first grade.

I recently asked our retirees for some data.  As a group, they have served in education for a grand total of 132 years.  They have committed 117.5 of these years to Worthington and a total of exactly 100 years at Granby!!  How lucky are we to have had them for a cumulative century!?!  All four of these ladies have mentored young teachers into the profession and are leaving a legacy of strong programs, Granby culture, and a long string of students whose lives have been impacted by their teaching and care.

Clap Out

Mrs. Stukey and Mrs. Gartley being “clapped out” with the other retirees and 6th Gators

I want to thank each of them for their devotion to the profession, commitment to our Granby Gators, and the strong relationships they have built as part of the Granby family that makes it so hard for us to part ways.  We love you all and will miss you deeply!  Just remember, “Once a Gator, Always a Gator!”  Don’t forget to come “home” from time to time…  xoxoxo

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  1. It has truly been an honor and my pleasure to have been a member of the Granby family! One could not have asked for more. Gators did, are, and will “Rock On!” ~ Deborah Gartey

  2. Thanks Wonderful ladies for all the love, inspiration, and great education you gave Kelly and Sean Bartholomew!!! Kelly is heading toward a masters in art education and Sean is seriously looking at chemical engineering! You will in our hearts forever! Happy retirement!!!!

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