It seems that Dr. Bowers understands that at Granby, we work hard and PLAY HARD! Doesn’t everyone want school to be a fun place? So glad to get to work with an amazing staff that goes the extra mile, knows no shame, and gets silly for kids! Granby ROCKS!

Absolute Excellence

DSC00517As we enter the home stretch of the 2014-2015 school year it is clear that we ask our teachers to do more now than ever before.  Our teachers must make sure that every student in the their classroom grows academically by the expected amount. Using data analytics we measure student growth and by proxy we are able to measure teacher effectiveness.

In order to make sure all students are growing our teachers focus on explicitly teaching the standards and utilizing formative instructional practices in their classroom to provide each student with clear targets and actionable feedback on their progress.  In these ways teaching has become a science. However, because each of our students is a little human being we know that our students have the best opportunity to learn and grow when they have a positive relationship with their teacher and other trusted adults in the school community.  We also…

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